Tishman Review, “Ghost Phone,” “Whumpf,” and “Exhibit” (upcoming)

Free State Review, spring 2019: “Cavalier” print and online

What Do We Do Together, Spontaneous Series, eohippus labs: “Alone Together”

Mom Egg Review, “Twenty-Two,” “Our Own Norways,” “We Want to See the Sun on Our Faces”

No Tokens: Selected flash from What Paradise

Catamaran, vol.6, issue1: "Things I Thought About While Stuck on the Bay Bridge,

     Considering the Earthquake" 

Entropy Magazine: "This Snow, This Day" (reprint)

Museum of Americana: "Return Flight," "Lost," "Monday Night Headache"

Sparkle & Blink, vol.80: "Return Flight" (reprint) 

Sparkle & Blink, vol.88: "Birdwolf" (reprint)

Jabberwock Review, vol.35.2, winter 2015: "When We Were Hardcore"

Tahoma Review, vol.2 #1, spring 2015: "You, Tumbling" 

Prick of the Spindle, issue 8 spring/summer 2015: "This Is Why We Live Here"

Harpur Palate, vol. 15#2, winter/spring 2016: "This Snow, This Day"

Eleven Eleven, issue 15, winter 2014"We Were Plotting Our Escapes" 

Seeking Its Own Level (anthology), Motes Books 2014: "We Were Plotting Our Escapes" (reprint)

Angel City, issue 4, December 2016: Two Poems after David Wojnarowitz

Bridge Eight, issue 4, spring 2016: Selected flash from What Paradise

Black Heart Magazine, Black Heart Best of Ten Years Anthology, "Tail" (Best of the Net nominee)

Jet Fuel Review, issue 8, 2014: "Lesson Plan" (Best of the Net nominee)

Voices of New Mexico (anthology), New Mexico Book Coop 2011: "The Effort to Love This Place"

The Notebook: Grassroots Women's Project, #5, winter 2016: (Guest Editor)