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Recommended Reading


The Collected Schizophrenias by Esmé Weijun Wang (Graywolf, 2019)

Articles, Essays

"Robert E. Lee High School, race, and segregation in Tyler: a 130-Year timeline" by Lee Hancock (The Tyler Loop) 

"Of mice and murder, and Ronald Reagan" by Peter Birkenhead (Salon)

"Sheltering in place: For students in Donald Trump-loving coal country, “school choice” isn’t a solution" by Shawna Kay Rosenberg (Salon)

"Loving, Hating, Being from Texas" by Corina Zappia (Catapult)

"Recovering my fifth sense" by Kavita Das (Longreads)

"Lost and Found" by Shasta Grant (Proximity)

“I Fell Under the Spell of NASA’s Most Notorious Thief” by Jamie Zvirzdin (Atlantic)

On Writing

 "The sentence is a lonely place" by Gary Lutz, reprinted by The Believer

“We’re All on This Nude Beach Together” by Barrett Warner The Town Crier